I’m a bartender, working many jobs and shifts, among many other things on this rock. I have limited time as I am scrambling to make a life here, watching it fade away quicker than I thought it would. I like Paul a great deal, have had dinner at his ho​me​, watched his kids grow up and have great respect for him. However I don’t think he has the skills or knowledge that is required to address the needs that need to be addressed right now. I don’t think we have time for the 20-40 ​year-olds​ to wait and see.​ ​

Lopez needs help and action now. Larry has the knowledge,​ skills, facts, and ideas that will and can serve all folks. I’m not a political person at all. This is all new to me, but I am passionate about this. It’s a matter of can we stay​,​ or should we cut our losses and go​?​

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. So many of us that rent or cannot afford housing here feel the same and just are unaware of how to make a difference. To me​,​ Larry is looking out for us and people of every generation living on these islands. I love Paul to death. Just don’t feel he’s right​ for the Port, right now. ​I realize my decision will likely cost me some friendships, but I have to do the right thing for the future of Lopez.​

The status quo is ​just ​not working and Larry gives us a chance to make things better for everyone​.​

—Kevin Lundy


Think jobs.
Think housing.
Think cottage industry.
Think Larry Bailey for Port.
The only candidate who understands the economic potential of the Port of Lopez.
“Business as usual” is no business at all.

Joe and Judy Thornton


I have given a great deal of thought about this upcoming Port Commissioner election. Like many of you, in the past, I gave little thought to the Port of Lopez issues or capabilities. Larry Bailey’s intensive investigation of the possibilities and what other similar Port Districts have accomplished has changed that impression and my high interest in this upcoming election.

We are now at a time when we need Commissioners that are willing to consider and act on new opportunities that are not only consistent with the mission but also address the growing needs of our isolated island community.

We need Commissioners that will go beyond the talk and invest the time to not only investigate, create and explore the opportunities but also to determine how to put them into action. Larry Bailey has developed a vision of what the Port of Lopez can do and be if there is the will to explore the possibilities. He offers that kind of innovative spirit,critical thinking, skill set, experience to “make it happen”.

We have a rare and unique opportunity. Please join me in supporting Larry Bailey with your vote.

—Rip Van Camp


“Our Port has built a great airport, but Port districts are supposed to benefit all residents through economic development. How many of us were even aware of that mandate? We on Lopez need a new direction here. Issues and opportunities are complex. We need jobs and housing, and we also cannot  jeopardize our rural island way of life.

It will  require knowledge, experience, creativity, and leadership. Larry Bailey, who has lived down the road from me for 42 years, is the Lopezian who can address them. He has extensive knowledge and experience working with ports, has an outstanding record as an attorney, businessman, and community leader, is really easy to work with, and will work smart and work hard to create jobs and re-energize the Lopez economy. Please vote Larry4Port.”

—Kate Scott


“Larry Bailey has my vote for Port Commissioner because he understands the potential, the responsibility, and the issues of the Port.

As a neighbor of the airport for decades, he has been closely involved with both the development of the airfield facility and also dealing with the critical problems that have arisen. Most of all, Larry has a clear understanding and vision of the potential for economic development on Lopez. This is a major function of ports throughout the state in small communities such as ours; initiating projects and assisting small businesses and ventures.

We need Larry Bailey’s forward thinking and wise leadership for our Port of Lopez.”

—Murray Trelease

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