Larry Bailey’s Proposed Procedural Plan for the Port of Lopez to invest in Economic Development

  1. The Port determines its financial capacity, priorities, and goals for pursuing economic development in the community.
  2. The Port holds public forums to invite comments on its plans and input on which industries the Port should support.
  3. The Port establishes guidelines for investing, and invites proposals from the community.
  4. The Port appoints a Business Advisory Council to review proposals, interview proponents, and assess their ideas, financial plan, business plan, commitment, and cost/benefit to the community.
  5. The Business Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Port.
  6. The Port reviews the recommendations and proposals and decides whether or not to invest.

Examples of possible investments

Community Commercial Kitchen

A possible joint venture with Taproot, a Lopez non-profit, to complete a kitchen with refrigeration and storage; this facility can help to spur development of local food producers into year-around businesses that could sell their products in stores.

Recycling plastics into saleable products

A possible joint venture with the Lopez Solid Waste District. We will be losing our buyer of plastics on January of 2018, and finding a local use for plastics could help reduce the amount of plastic waste that needs to be shipped off-island. Inexpensive machines are available to recycle our 40,000 pounds of plastic into products such as fence posts, plastic wire for 3-D printers, and various 3-D printer products. This could create a new for-profit business and year-around jobs.